Down to the seas again.

Eleventh crossing.

Although the channel is only a one day event, it seems more like a multi-day race where the swim is just the final stage and all the other days are equally if not more significant. I found that the most interesting things happened in the two months or so in the build up to the swim so have written a more detailed account about that side of it elsewhere (click here). Meanwhile here is a brief description of what happened on the day itself. Continue reading

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6 Day Race April 2014

Sri Chinmoy 6 and10 Day Race.

All photos by Prabhakar.

These races grew out of the original 1,000 mile race put on in 1985 by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.  It is the nineteenth successive year for the 10 day event and the seventeenth for the 6 day. This year the field was its largest ever Continue reading

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Determination wins the day ! Adriano completes Channel swim in 11 hours and 10 minutes.

Just back on dry land after helping my Brazilian friend Adriano in his epic endeavour to swim the English Channel so thought would give a short update. Continue reading

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Sri Chinmoy to be inducted into Swimming Hall of Fame.

It has just been announced that Sri Chinmoy will  be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame at a ceremony on the 22nd of September in Long Beach, California.  Members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team have swum the English Channel over forty times as well as competing in and organising numerous other endurance events.   The award will be received on his behalf by German endurance athlete Vasanti Niemz.  Read more here.

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Marathon swim: Ian Down conquers Channel for second time.

Just heard the good news that Ian swam the Channel yesterday in 14 hours and 50 minutes landing just east of Cap Gris Nez.  This was a really impressive marathon swim as he badly pulled his calf muscle only a week ago and thought he would not be able to swim at all let alone cross the channel.   He also went at incredibly short notice –just driving down to Dover on the evening before the swim with a 6am start from the beach.   That really takes determination.   He reports that the first 6 hours were really tough and he started to regret going out at all but he ploughed on regardless and with slightly calmer conditions when the tide changed was able to continue to the very end.   Looking forward to reading his full account.  Congratulations!

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Open water swims:Gull Rock Swim

Yesterday Ian Down and I managed to accomplish the long cherished goal of swimming from Portscatho to Gull Rock and back again.  Continue reading

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